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More people than ever before are getting involved in the ‘great outdoors’. A vast majority of these people are camping ; whether it be in the back garden or ‘The Wilderness’ the good old camp fire kettle is in great demand. The team at Camp Fire Kettles have sourced a traditionally designed and well tested product ( The Kirtley Kettles) , so well tested in actual fact that they are the centre piece of many of the countries top Bushcraft schools and Outdoor centres camps. A further testimony to it’s intrinsic value is the Kirtley Kettles placement as a ‘finalist’ in  The Best Product sector of the recent Bushcraft and Skills Magazine awards.

The UK’s leading supplier of camp fire kettles

kirtley-kettles-logo  We are very fortunate to have the full range of kettles endorsed by one of countries  leading Outdoor/Bushcraft instructors, Mr Paul Kirtley of Frontier Bushcraft. The  range takes his name – Kirtley Kettles. Available in four sizes from 2.5 litre to 10 litre  we are sure they will be as welcome at your camp fire as Paul would be !