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Kirtley Kettles

The ‘centerpiece ‘of any outdoor activity especially those with a camp fire is the kettle. As the outdoor industry is currently enjoying a ‘renaissance’ so in turn  is the requirement for a robust solution to managing the production  of ‘hot beverages’ !

The Kirtley Kettle range is a combination of requirement , outdoor experience, business acumen and the ability to be proactive.

Mark Hotson and Paul Kirtley , as a part of many discussions centred on the Outdoor and Bushcraft ‘industry’  were keen to fulfil the very real need for a good and reliable supply of camp fire kettles. Both parties had good  international trade contacts  and went to work sourcing ‘the right product’. Mark’s first thoughts were to use his container based production facilities in China and Vietnam. Prices looked affordable but quality was less than poor. Paul and Mark felt South Africa offered the best ‘home grown’ products.

Hendler Hart provided the solution with an affordable yet very robust and practical product.

The kettles were and  are imported in container quantities and stored in their thousands at Mark’s main warehouse in Dorset. Large quantities insure the regulation of good prices and supply.

As one of the leading practitioners and Instructors in the Bushcraft community it was agreed that the product would benefit from an endorsement by Paul. Paul’s journey through Bushcraft and Wilderness living has been well documented . Over the last ten years he has worked for Ray Mears at Woodlore as Course Director , has been the author of an award winning ‘blog’ and online resource and also set up Frontier Bushcraft another leading company in outdoor tuition.

The Kirtley kettle range is going from strength to strength. After only two years in the market, it is becoming  a recognised and dependable product, highly sought after by retailers and the general public alike. Most recently the products were placed as a ‘finalist’ in the Best in Bushcraft ‘ Product category sponsored by Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine.

Kirtley Kettle Range

The Kirtley Kettle Family – 2.5, 5.0, 7.0 and 10 litres

Superior Quality

Many kettles have plastic or inferior components which fail when exposed to extreme heat or the naked flame. Features of the Kirtley Kettles such as 0.9mm-1.6mm gauge aluminium, a riveted powder-coated steel handle and a sturdy, non-drip spout make them the most durable outdoor kettle in the market.

Kettles For Every Camp

Kirtley Kettles come in a range of sizes from 2.5 to 10 litres. The smaller kettles (2.5 and 5.0 litres) are ideal for small groups or family camping outings, while the larger kettles (7.0 and 10.0 litres) cater for large group camping situations. The Large Frontier Camp Kettle will easily provide a brew for a group of 20 people, all with half-litre mugs. It is these larger kettles that are often found at the centre of parachute shelters of bushcraft schools and bushcraft meets up and down the country.

Code Description Capacity Weight (boxed)
KK2.5 The Kirtley Companion Kettle 2.5 litres 0.60kg
KK5 The Kirtley Camp Kettle 5.0 litres 0.98kg
KK7 The Frontier Camp Kettle 7.0 litres 1.30kg
KK10 The Large Frontier Camp Kettle 10.0 litres 1.59kg